Important Books of Trotsky


In this page, we upload important books of Trotsky.

But this page doesn't include collections that are too big (ex. "War and Revolution"(1922), "Five Years of the Comintern"(1923), "Communist Movement in France"(1922), "How the Revolution Armed"(1923-25), ext.) and collections that were edited after Trotsky's death (ex. "Trotsky on China", "Trotsky on France", ext.). We upload each of articles that are included in these collections, on the chronological pages (sorry, under construction). And this page also doesn't include short pamphlets (ex. "Report of the Siberian Delegation", "Peace Program", "After the July Days: What Next? ", ext.). All of them are also uploaded on the chronological pages.

We have uploaded only few books yet, but we will upload Trotsky's important books step by step.


 Our Political Tasks1904)(English

 Results and Perspectives1906)(English

 In Defense of the Party1907

 1905: The Russian Revolution1910)(English

 War and the International1914)(English

 From the October Revolution to Brest-Litovsk1919)(Russian)(English

 Terrorism and Communism1920)(Russian)(English

 Between Imperialism and Revolution1922)(Russian)(English

 Literature and Revolution1923)(English

 The New Course1923)(Russian)(English

 The Problems of Everyday Life1924

 The West and the East1924

 The Lesson of October1924)(Russian)(English

 Towards Socialism or Towards Capitalism?1925

 On Lenin1925)(English

 Where is Britain Going?1925)(English

 The Struggle for Quality of Products1925

 Where is Britain Going? Vol.21926

 Platform of the Opposition1927)(English

 The Third International After Lenin1928)(English

 The Permanent Revolution1929)(Russian)(English

 My Life1930)(Russian)(English

 The History of the Russian Revolution1931,1933)(Russian)(Russian)(Russian)(English

 What Next? : The German Revolution and the Stalinist Bureaucracy1932)(Russian)(English

 The Stalin School of Falsification1932)(Russian)(English

 The Only Road1932)(English

 Revolution Betrayed1936)(Russian)(English

 The Case of Leon Trotsky1937)(English



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