This site was opened in 8 May 2000 by Trotsky Institute of Japan in memory of the 60'th anniversary of Trotsky's death, and this site's main task is to systematically present the articles, pamphlets, and books of Trotsky in Japanese.

The writings that we upload in this site, are mainly those that we have already printed in "Trotsky Studies" and "Newsletter", but in addition we are going to upload as such:

1, Trotsky's books that staff members of Trotsky Institute of Japan translated into Japanese before;

2, Trotsky's important articles that have never been translated into Japanese;

3, Trotsky's writings that have been translated into Japanese before, but not from Russian original texts but from other languages (English, German, French, and so on);

4, Trotsky's writings which have been translated from Russian original texts, but already not unavailable, or not good translations;

5, his other writings important to understand his theory and his life.

6,other relevant articles (particularly Lenin's), resolutions, and memoirs.

When we upload the writings we have already printed in "Trotsky Studies" or "Newsletter", we improve the quality of the translations.

To help understanding of readers, we add a new introduction or comment to each of these texts at its beginning, and at the end of it we indicate what text we translated from.

When we find Russian texts or English versions of Trotsky's books on the Internet, we link to them. Now, main sites we linked are: Russian texts: From Archives of the Russian Revolution; English versions: The Leon Trotsky Internet Archive and Trotsky on China


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